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Commissioners Meetings:

The Board of Commissioners meets twice a month at the Salisbury Township Municipal Building located at 2900 South Pike Avenue, Allentown, PA 18103. The official regular monthly meetings are held at 7 PM on the second and fourth Thursday of each month and are usually followed by a work session. Work Sessions, also known as Workshop Meetings, are not official meetings where public comment is entertained, but rather are merely used to decide what issues may come to the Board for official deliberation at a future meeting. No official action is taken during work sessions. Pursuant to the First Class Township Code, the Board holds a meeting on the first Monday of January of each even-numbered year to organize, unless the day falls on a legal holiday, then the meeting shall be held the first day following. Meetings proceed as scheduled when there is a majority of members (3) present which constitutes a quorum. On occasion, the Board holds Special Meetings to discuss topics of interest for possible vote or when a regular meeting is rescheduled. Notices of special meetings and meetings on Ordinances to be adopted are advertised in the Legal Notices section of the newspapers of general circulation (The Morning Call or Salisbury Press/East Penn Publishing).

The Township falls under the guidelines of the Sunshine Law and all regular, special and workshop meetings of the Commissioners are open to the public. Executive Sessions are held in private to discuss legal, negotiations and personnel matters; however, all decisions are made in public.

In order to permit fair and orderly expression of public comment, the Board shall provide an opportunity at each open meeting of the Board for residents and taxpayers to comment on matters of concern and deliberation prior to taking official action. The Board shall require that all public comments related to agenda items be made prior to vote on the item and all public comments related to non-agenda items be made at the end of the agenda. Each statement made by a participant shall be limited to three (3) minutes duration, which will be enforced by the presiding officer. No participant may speak more than once on the same topic, unless all others who wish to speak on that topic have been heard.

Agendas and Minutes:

Prior to each meeting, agendas on specific topics to be discussed and voted on, which may include ordinances, resolutions, and motions, are prepared and posted to the Township’s website or are available upon request. Minutes of both Regular and Special meetings are kept and recorded after being approved. Work Sessions are somewhat informal and the Board does not take official action on matters on the Workshop Agenda.

To view the Agenda or Minutes, please click on the appropriate link to download.

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