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About the Finance Department

The Finance Department provides for the administration and management of the Township’s finances including cash management, financial reporting, accounts receivable and payable, audits, payroll, permit fees, and utility billings for water, sewer and refuse services. The Finance Director assists the Township Manager in developing the annual budget for all funds.

Director of Finance – Paul Ziegenfus
Accounting Supervisor – Tammy Hensinger
Utility Billing – Kristen Treskot

Salisbury Township Financial Information

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Do You Need Assistance?

LIHWAP Water Assistance Program
Beginning on Monday, July 24, the state will reopen its emergency program to help low-income residents pay their water service and wastewater utility bills.  Qualified households can apply for a one-time grant through August 1, or until all funds are used.  Recipients can acquire one crisis grant for drinking water service and one crisis grant for wastewater service, amounting to $2,500 each.  For more information and to submit applications online, please visit  or call the Customer Service Center at 1-877-395-8930.  Pennsylvanians can also visit their local County Assistance Office

Pennsylvania Homeowners Assistance Fund (PAHAF)
Need Help?  Pennsylvania Homeowners Assistance Fund (PAHAF) may be able to assist you with overdue utility bills for water, sewer and trash.

Please contact PAHAF at 888-987-2423 or

Click here for flyer.


Utility Billing


Billing Office Phone: 610-797-4000, ext. 5805.

Utility bills are issued quarterly for water, sewer, and/or refuse services. Depending on the location of your residence, you may be billed for any or all of the aforementioned services.

Bills are issued by the 10th of the month, during the months of January, April, July and October. Meter reading is performed the month prior to the billing, namely December, March, June and September.

  — Service Periods —
Billing Date Water & Sewer Refuse & Surcharge
Jan 10th Oct 1 – Dec 31 Jan 1 – Mar 31
Apr 10th Jan 1 – Mar 31 Apr 1 – June 30
July 10th Apr 1 – June 30 July 1 – Sept 30
Oct 10th July 1 – Sept 30 Oct 1 – Dec 31

Base Residential Billing Rates:

Effective January 1, 2024

Water: $8.70 per thousand gallons or $.0087 per gallon

Sewer: $83.00 per unit per quarter

Refuse: $108.00 per unit per quarter

Net 15/Gross 30/Penalty:
Residential homeowners are billed the base (‘Net 15’) amount of their quarterly utility bill on the 10th of the applicable month. They have fifteen (15) days from the billing date to pay this ‘Net 15’ amount due. After 15 days, ten percent (10%) is added to any current amount remaining unpaid. Customers have up thirty (30) days from the billing date to pay this ‘Gross 30’ amount due. Beyond thirty (30) days of the billing date, a twenty-five percent (25%) penalty is assessed on any unpaid amounts.

Payment Info:
Payment of the utility bills can be made four ways: 1) By mail; 2) In person at the municipal building during office hours (Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm); 3) Online (please see above link for further information); or 4) Via payment drop box outside the municipal building. When utilizing the drop box, payment shall be made by check or money order. No Cash.

All homeowners are billed for services, regardless of whether or not the property is occupied, or if the property is occupied by a renter/tenant. If the homeowner prefers the renter/tenant to receive the bill directly, special arrangements can be made by contacting the billing office.

New Home Owners
Utility Billing will begin for new homeowners in the first billing cycle after the date of your Occupancy Permit. Refuse billing will be prorated back to the date of your Occupancy Permit.

Other Services

Moving Permit
Moving permits can be obtained from the Finance Office at the Salisbury Township Municipal Building located at 2900 South Pike Avenue, Allentown, PA 18103. The fee is $10.00. A moving permit application form can also be downloaded and submitted along with the $10.00 fee for approval. A moving permit is required for residents and businesses moving into, out of, or within the Township. Copies of the permits are supplied to Berkheimer Associates so that they can update the tax rolls. Individuals moving into the Township can also obtain a recycling bin at the time of filing for a moving permit. Individuals and businesses who fail to obtain a moving permit can be subject to a fine.

Recycling Bin
Recycling bins are available for purchase at the Finance Office window.  Currently, we have 20-gallon bins available for $13 each.

Freon (Removal) Decal
Freon decals are available at the Finance Office window for a fee of $20.00. A decal is required for any resident wishing to discard an appliance containing freon. A decal must be purchased before pick-up can be arranged with the refuse hauler.