Notice of Public Hearing and Enactment of Salisbury Township New Zoning Ordinance

Notice is hereby given that the Salisbury Township Board of Commissioners will be holding a Public Hearing on March 12, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Building meeting room, 2900 S. Pike Ave., Allentown, PA 18103 to discuss the draft of the new Salisbury Township Zoning Ordinance. The Planning Commission has forwarded the new draft Zoning Ordinance and is recommending its adoption. The principal purpose of the drafting of the proposed New Zoning Ordinance, according to the members of the Planning Commission is “to address obsolete sections, bring the Ordinance up-to-date with changing State and Federal requirements and to reflect the changes made in the new Salisbury Township Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2012.” The full text of the new proposed draft Zoning Ordinance may be inspected without charge at the Township Municipal Building, Mondays through Fridays, from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. Also a copy may be obtained for a charge not greater than the cost thereof or viewed at


The enactment date of the New Zoning Ordinance will take place on March 26, 2015 at 7:00 pm in the Municipal Building, 2900 S. Pike Avenue, Allentown, PA. A summary follows:


PART 1-General Provisions and Administration. §101 Short Title. §102 Purposes and Objectives. §103 Applicability. §104 Enforcement, Violations and Penalties. §105 Filing Fees and Costs. §106 Interpretation and Similar Uses § 107. General Procedure for Permits § 108. Permits and Certificates. §109 Amendments to this Chapter. §110 Curative Amendments. § 111 Zoning Officer. §112 Zoning Hearing Board Appointment, Actions and Variances. §113 Board Hearings and Decisions. § 114 Appeals.  §115 Public Utility Exemptions. §116 Township and Municipal Authority Exemption. §117 Intentionally Deleted. § 118 Submission Requirement for Site Plan Review. §119 Conditional Use Process. §120 Special Exception Uses. §121 Site Planning Guidelines. §122  Liability. PART 2- Definitions. §201 General Interpretation. §202 Terms Defined. PART 3- Districts. §301 Districts Designated.  §302 Application of District Regulations. §303 Zoning Map. §304 District Boundaries. § 305 Setbacks Across Municipal Boundaries. §306 Table of Permitted Uses by District.  §307      Table of Lot and Setback Requirements by District. §308. Site Capacity Analysis for Lots within a Subdivision or Land Development. §309 Special Lot and Yard Requirements.  §310  Open Space Development Option for land that is at least partly within the CR District. PART  4 -Additional Requirements for Specific Uses. Sect.  401 Applicability.  §402 Additional Requirements for Specific Principal Uses. § 403 Additional Requirements for Accessory Uses. PART 5- Environmental Protection. §501 Performance Standards. §502 Nuisances and Hazards to Public Safety. §503 Wetlands, Seeps, Vernal Pools and Springs.  §504 Floodplain Areas; Setbacks from Surface Waters; High Water Table Soils. §505 Steep Slopes. §506 Storage of Explosive and Hazardous Substances §507 Sewage Disposal.  §508 Noise. §509 Vibration. §510  Odors, Dust and Air and Water Pollution.  §511.Light, Glare and Heat Control.  Sect.  512 Filling, Excavating and Grading. §513 Placement and Screening of Waste Containers and Outdoor Machinery and Fencing of Storage. §514 Radioactivity and Electrical Disturbances. §515 Stripping of Topsoil.  Sect. 516 Tree Harvesting, Woodland Protection and Cutting of Trees.  §517 Maximum Slope and Width of Driveways. §518 Clearance Height of Tree Limbs. §519 Groundwater or Spring Water Withdrawal. PART 6- Off-Street Parking and Loading. § 601 Required Number of Parking Spaces.  § 602 General Regulations for Off-Street Parking.  § 603 Design Standards for Off-Street Parking. §604 Parking and Storage of Junk and Unregistered Vehicles. §605 Off-Street Loading. PART 7- Signs. §701 Applicability.  §702 Nonconforming Signs. §703 Miscellaneous Signs Not Requiring Permits.  §704 Freestanding, Wall and Window Signs. §705 Abandoned or Outdated Signs. §706 Location of Signs. §707 Illumination of Signs. §708 Vehicles Functioning as Signs. §709 Prohibited Signs. §710 Construction of Signs. §711 Measurement of Major Types of Signs §712 Off-Premise Signs (Including Billboards). PART 8- General Regulations. §801 Frontage onto Improved Streets, Number of Uses or Buildings; Minimum Size of Dwellings.  §802 Height Exceptions; Airport Approaches.  §803 Sight Distance and Buffer Yards. §804 Landscaping.  §805 Ultimate Street Right-of-Way Widths. Sect. 806 Non-conformities. Sect. 807 Temporary Structure or Use.  § 808 Recreation Land, Open Space and Fees Requirements. § 809 Industrial and Commercial Driveways. § 810 Traffic Studies. PART  9- Planned Residential Development. §901 PRD Purposes . §902 PRD Applicability.  §903 PRD Eligibility.  §904 PRD Land Uses . §905 PRD Land Uses. §906  PRD Site Analysis. §907 PRD Site Design. §908 PRD Utilities. §909 PRD Common Open Space. §910 PRD Staging. §911 PRD Procedures. §912 PRD Enforcement and Modifications.  PART 10- Health Care Overlay District (HCO) and Transitional Overlay District (TO). §1001 Purposes.  § 1002 Applicability and General Requirements.  §1003  Allowed Uses. §1004 Dimensional, Area and Coverage Requirements. §1005 Open Land Requirements.  §1006 Landscape and Buffering Requirements.  §1007 Signs.  §1008 Off-Street Parking and Loading.  PART 11- Zoning Map Amendments. APPENDIX A- Airport Approach Regulations.

Randy Soriano

Township Manager/Secretary