In 2009, Salisbury Township adopted an ordinance for the formation of the Environmental Advisory Council.  The council consisted of five members. We are currently seeking volunteers to serve on the council.

  1. Become an advocate for the use of Native Plants, trees, and shrubs that would support our natural environment of Birds, Bees, Butterflies and other pollinators that support wildlife and aquatic flora and fauna.
  2. Become an advocate to assist the Township by providing guidance on illegal dumping in our community parks such as Lindberg Park, Laubach Park, Walking Purchase Park, Franko Farms, Devonshire Park and Dodson Park.
  3. Become an advocate to educate individuals on the impact of invasive plants and bugs such as Spotted Lantern Fly; stink bugs, Japanese knotweed, Stilt grass, Tree of Heaven, Norway Maple trees and others.
  4. Become an advocate to assist the Township and help provide guidance for Stormwater initiatives such as the Municipal Storm sewer system (aka MS4) which is a mandated EPA project that requires public education, outreach involvement and participation.

If you are interested in sharing your talents, please submit an application via the Salisbury Township website to become a volunteer and serve on the Environmental Advisory Council. 

          Attached is a link to the volunteer form.


          All applications shall be submitted to the Township Manager via email at cbonaskiewich@salisburylehighpa.gov or by mail to:  

Cathy Bonaskiewich, Salisbury Township, 2900 South Pike Ave., Allentown, PA 18103

Thank you for your time and consideration on this request.