We appreciate your patience and cooperation as Salisbury Township transitions to a new collection method with our new hauler, Whitetail Disposal, set to begin collections January 2, 2024.

Whitetail Disposal has evaluated the Township and determined that the majority of it can be collected by automated means.  Those to be collected by automated means will be collected on Mondays; those residences that cannot be collected by automated means, will be collected on Tuesdays.  To see whether you have a Monday collection day (shown as the yellow-shaded areas) or a Tuesday collection day (the blue-shaded areas), please use the following link to access the interactive map to search your address:  https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1k-DQRgrAbcOO6EZtAiCbd03lvneN_mw&ll=40.57352743415403%2C-75.4622875&z=13.  Simply click on the magnifying glass at the upper left of the screen to type in and search for your address,.  IMPORTANT:  SINCE WE HAVE A HOLIDAY NEXT WEEK, THE ACTUAL COLLECTION DAYS WILL BE SHIFTED BY ONE DAY.  Monday’s collections will be made on Tuesday Jan 2nd, and Tuesday’s collections will be made on Wednesday Jan 3rd!

Whitetail Disposal has been delivering the 95-gallon trash carts and 65-gallon recycling carts this week.  Those to be serviced by automated means should expect to have both carts delivered by the end of this week.  All remaining Township residents should have their equipment by the end of next week (Friday, Jan 5th).  We ask that all residents try utilizing the 95-gallon containers for a few months during our initial transition period before making any special requests for a smaller bin.  All parties – the residents, the Township and Whitetail Disposal – have a transition period to work through before any such special requests can be entertained.  IMPORTANT:  If you do not receive either your 95-gallon trash cart and/or your 65-gallon recycling cart by your assigned collection day next week, you may continue to use the garbage and/or recycling cans you currently use UNTIL you receive the official Township equipment.  Once you receive the Township’s official equipment, however, you may NO LONGER use your old cans.  We recommend you hold onto your old cans to see if you might find another personal use for them, but if you decide you would like to dispose of them, please be sure they are empty, put a large, visible “X” on the container and place it curbside upside down, so that Whitetail can collect and dispose of it for you.

Bulk items such as white goods and furniture will be limited to one item per week, to be scheduled for collection.  You must schedule such collections directly with Whitetail by noon on Friday for collection on your next service day (Monday or Tuesday) the following week.  Whitetail Disposal can be reached at 610-936-9967 or by email at Salisbury@whitetaildisposal.com to schedule.

Boxes should be broken down and bundled with twine or tape and put curbside alongside your recycling bin.  Boxes that are not broken down are not recyclable.  Pizza boxes are not recyclable.

We are currently finalizing a webpage with all pertinent information along with Whitetail Disposal contact information, and we plan to have it uploaded and accessible by Friday.

Again, we thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this transition.  We greatly appreciate it.  Feel free to call us at 610-797-4000 or email us at info@salisburylehighpa.gov with any questions.