UPDATE FOR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INCIDENT ON I-78. Homeowners and residents in the area of Lanze Road and Woods Lane area: The DEP and other local, state agencies have been on scene since early this morning with a tractor trailer fire. Several chemicals were released into a drain that flows into the creek in the area. We have been able to isolate the creek downstream in Allentown and cleanup crews are on scene to mitigate the hazard. Please do not allow animals to drink from the stream water in this area. The DEP stated well water IS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS SPILL. This was top water run-off and is moving down stream. It is the responsibility of any homeowner to seek a state approved testing lab if you want to check your well. (keep the receipt for possible future resolution.) If you see any dead animals ie. raccoons, opossum, deer please call 610-797-1447 and we can get the appropriate resource notified. Crews will be in and around the area for the next few days checking residual issues of the spill. If you have any questions or concerns please call 610-797-1447. We have an ongoing list and will call back when possible. (Sgt. Sabo)