Important Message Regarding Trash & Recycling Collection Services

January 3, 2022

A Message to our Residents –

We at Salisbury Township understand the difficulty most everyone has experienced over the past year (or more) with ever-persistent impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic being felt everywhere.  Because of staffing shortages and the difficulties with retaining and maintaining a full complement of employees at any given time, this affect is especially evident throughout the service industry.  The Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Industry has likewise been impacted.

During 2021 in particular, many of you have experienced refuse and recycling collection service inconsistencies, some sporadic, some chronic, but all quite understandably frustrating.  We sincerely apologize to everyone who has been negatively impacted in such a way. 

As a courtesy to our residents and a thank you for your understanding of the issues at hand and for your continued patience as we work to mitigate them, we have issued a $36 credit on each refuse account on this upcoming January 2022 billing.

Please know we – along with Republic Services management team – are working diligently towards a remedy.  Unfortunately, some of the issues are simply beyond anyone’s control, and there simply is no easy fix.  Regardless, we persist in pushing for improvement.

In the interim, we have temporarily extended collection hours, so please be sure your items out at curbside by 5am in a location where they are both visible and accessible for collection by Republic Services’ drivers and helpers.  Ideally, you should place your items curbside the evening before your scheduled collection – any time after 6pm – in order to avoid calls for missed collections that were simply instances of items not being curbside timely. 

As always, if your trash or recycling does not get picked up, please report the miss to the Township as soon as possible at either 610-797-4000 or  Be assured that we are in constant communication with Republic as we collectively strive for a resolution.

Cathy Bonaskiewich
Township Manager

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners