Collection of Delinquent Accounts

To: Salisbury Township Residents
From: Paul Ziegenfus, Finance Director
Date: December 1, 2021
RE: Collection of Delinquent Accounts

In an effort to maximize the collection of its unpaid water, sewer, refuse and abatement of nuisance fee accounts, Salisbury Township has hired the law firm of Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd. to collect its delinquent accounts starting in the first quarter of 2022. Representing over 170 municipal clients across Pennsylvania, Portnoff utilizes state law that allows for the costs of collection to be imposed upon the delinquent property owner, creating immediate incentive to make payment and reducing the burden of administrative time and collection costs on the Township and its residents.

Each delinquent property owner will receive a notice setting forth federal and state rights with respect to debt collection, followed by a notice enclosing a schedule of legal fees that Portnoff Law Associates will potentially assess against the property if the property owner fails to respond to the notice. Recipients of the latter notice will be afforded a 30-day grace period within which to make payment arrangements. Property owners with large balances will be permitted to enter into payment arrangements of up to six months, and a hardship program allowing longer payment terms will be available to owner-occupants experiencing financial difficulties.

After the grace period ends, Portnoff Law Associates will proceed with legal action on the unresolved accounts. Delinquent property owners who have failed to make payment arrangements or request hardship accommodations will be assessed the legal fees and costs associated with the collection of their accounts.

We urge property owners who have not yet paid their delinquent water, sewer, refuse and abatement of nuisance fee accounts to make payment immediately, or contact Portnoff Law Associates promptly upon receipt of the notices to avoid additional charges.

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